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Trump Shares 2nd Fake Video Showing Anderson Cooper Trashing Biden



Donald Trump on Saturday posted a second doctored video on social media that showed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper attacking President Joe Biden as a liar after the network’s disastrous Trump town hall.

The forged clip shows Cooper giving his monologue about the controversial Trump town hall in New Hampshire, but mixed with out-of-context clips and images of Biden instead of the former president.

During his monologue, Cooper defended the network while acknowledging public anger about platforming Trump, and enabling him to spread lies about the 2020 election and insult a woman he was just found liable for sexually assaulting and defaming.

Anderson’s monologue has already been used in memes and in fake clips. Trump himself posted a fake video of the same Cooper speech, but twisted to portray Cooper mocking CNN.

In the new clip, Cooper’s words are mostly unchanged, but the video is edited to make it appear as though Cooper is attacking President Biden and not Trump.

Watch the video below.


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