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Trump Says He’ll Use ‘Toll Booths’ To Make Mexico Pay For Border Wall



During a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Tuesday, President Donald Trump came up with a new argument for why Mexico would pay for his border wall — something he has promised from the start without offering a clear and consistent mechanism to force them to do so: Toll booths.

“Mexico is paying for the wall, just so you understand,” said Trump. “They don’t say that. They never say it. But we’re gonna charge a small fee at the border. You know, the toll booths.”

The president first suggested he would put a “toll” on cars crossing the border in August — the latest of many inconsistent ways he has suggested he’ll force Mexico to pay — but hasn’t gone into detail about how this would work. Many Americans would cross these tolls as well when returning from Mexico, and it’s unclear whether Trump would also levy a fee against them.



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