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Trump Says Doctors And Nurses ‘Running Into Death’ Like Soldiers Is ‘a Beautiful Thing To See’



President Donald Trump on Thursday said doctors and nurses running into hospitals to treat covid-19 patients is “a beautiful thing to see.”

Trump’s stunning remarks came during a speech at a medical equipment distribution facility in Pennsylvania.

“When you see them going into those hospitals and they’re putting the stuff that you deliver. But they’re wrapping themselves and the doors are opening and they’re going through the doors and they’re not even ready to go through those doors. They probably shouldn’t,” Trump said.

“But they can’t get there fast enough. And they’re running into death just like soldiers run into bullets, in a true sense. I see that with the doctors and the nurses and so many of the people they go into those hospitals, it’s incredible to see.”

“It’s a beautiful thing to see,” he concluded

Watch the video below via American Independent: