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Trump Received 100 Percent Of Dead People’s Vote In Pennsylvania



While President Donald Trump lost the state of Pennsylvania, he outperformed President-elect Joe Biden with a particular demographic: dead mothers.

According to Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the president received 100 percent of the dead vote in the state.

Fetterman’s comments came after being asked by MSNBC host Ali Velshi if he had heard from Texas lt. Gov. Dan Patrik, who offered up to $1 million reward for evidence of voter frad.

“Not recently,” Fetterman said. “I heard from him early on saying for me to get serious, and I’m like, ‘hey my dude, where’s my money?'”

The good news to report from Pennsylvania is that president Trump received 100 percent of the dead mother vote here in our commonwealth in the last election.

Watch the video below: