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Trump Rants About ‘Evil’ CNN During Speech About Protecting Seniors, ‘They’re Coming After Me’



While trying to get the senior vote in Florida on Friday, Donald Trump decided to use his time to rant about Venezuela and call CNN “evil.”

Trump was supposed to speak about protecting seniors, but instead he went off the rails.

“I don’t know if suburban women… suburban women want security. They want safety, they want law and order, they want their homes to be protected,” Trump said. “His socialist ideology – ideology that they will use and and indoctrinate our youth with, it’s like poisonous anti-American propaganda. The plan by Washington democrats to give amnesty and free health care to illegal border crossers. Well, deliberate Medicare bankrupt your Social Security, robbing you of the benefits that you paid for your entire life… take a look at Venezuela. And people realize it was a wealthy countries 18, 17 years ago was so wealthy. And it’s gone from being wealthy – they don’t have medicine, they don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t have anything and it’s, you know, can happen here – just a much larger version with that ideology and that’s the ideology.”

He added, “We all have big hearts and we want to take care of people, but when you say we’re going to give you free health care, we’re gonna give you college education. I sarcastically said once we’re gonna give you a beautiful brand new Rolls Royce… The left is coming after me because I’m defending you and that’s true – that’s why they come after me every day.”

Take a look at his unhinged remarks below:

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