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Trump Officials Gave The GREEN LIGHT To Border Patrol Snipers To Kill Protesters At George Floyd’s Funeral



A new report is revealing that Trump officials gave the green light to Border Patrol agents to use deadly force during George Floyd’s funeral if protestors got out of hand.

Vice News reported:

As a horse-drawn carriage took Floyd’s body to its final resting place in Pearland’s Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery, planning records show that at least six “sniper teams” were in place on rooftops and authorized to open fire if the situation spiraled out of control. The records, labeled highly confidential, also state that an FBI surveillance aircraft was flown over the burial, and that “overwatch units” were sent to monitor the crowd for violent “agitators.”

Pearland officials also welcomed a large contingent of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to the city, including dozens of members of the immigration agency’s militarized tactical unit. Known as BORTAC, it’s equipped with military-grade firepower and commando-style uniforms, and deploys to conflict zones “around the world,” according to the agency.

According to the report, law enforcement was ready to use deadly force even as Americans were enraged over the systemic racism occurring in the nation.

Vice went on to say that “the ‘rules of engagement’ outlined in the documents show that CBP’s tactical unit was ‘geared up ready to deploy’ in response to ‘verbal aggressive language’ by protesters, or the throwing of empty water bottles. If the situation escalated to full water bottles or bricks being thrown, agents were authorized to use ‘less lethal/gas munitions.’ If faced with more aggressive behavior that the officers believed could cause them imminent harm, the documents make clear: ‘deadly force is authorized anytime.'”

You can read the full Vice News report HERE.

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