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Ex-GOP Lawmaker: China Is Printing Ballots And Hiding Them In A Barn, Waiting To Steal Election From Trump



Former GOP Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been sharing her conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election, adding fuel to the fire of Donald Trump’s claims that the election will be rigged.

This week, Bachmann claimed that ballots are being printed in China and then hidden, waiting to steal the election from Trump.

“They just know they have to have more levers pulled, or more ballots that have their guy’s name on it than Donald Trump,” Bachmann said.

“So how are they going to do this?” she asked. Bachmann said 2020 isn’t like any other election because U.S. election laws have been changed, giving the example of her home state of Minnesota where ballots are being “dumped” on every home with “no requirement for witnesses” to confirm that the people voting are who they say they are.

“So could you have a more perfectly framed scenario for fraud?” she continued. “So in this kind of scenario, it is entirely possible that you could have ballots already filled out — in fact, they could be printed in China, they could be routed through various countries so you can’t detect them, make their way into Minnesota, be in a barn somewhere until after the election day is over you count up the ballots and you say, ‘Gee, how many more do we need? Oh — we’re short 48,000? No problem. You go out, you haul the ballots in.”

You can see her remarks below:

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