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Trump May Try To Destroy WH Records To Avoid Getting Investigated If He Loses, Democrats Fear: Report



A new report by Business Insider revealed on Monday that Democrats have a growing fear that Donald Trump and his administration officials may try to destroy White House records if he loses reelection in November.

Democrats fear this will be an attempt to obstruct the incoming Biden administration and hinder future investigations of wrongdoing. But according to the report, Democrats are already debating plans to stop it.

“Top Democratic watchdogs in Congress are worried that President Donald Trump, his staff, and cabinet officials could withhold critical documents, delete emails, and refuse to cooperate with an incoming transition team if Joe Biden wins the White House in November,” reported Robin Bravender. “That’s all illegal, but senior Democrats have watched as the president and his team have repeatedly rejected their attempts at congressional oversight, and are warning that an outgoing Trump administration might defy the laws that require the preservation of government documents.”

The Trump administration has repeatedly flouted congressional requests for information, which formed the second article of impeachment against the president during the Ukraine investigation.

“The presidential election is still three months out but Democrats already want to send clear warnings to Trump and his allies that anyone who illegally destroys records during a presidential transition could face prosecution. Over the longer term, they’re preparing to launch a vast effort to rein in the executive branch,” continued the report. “On Capitol Hill … Democrats are preparing to advance legislation that addresses the Trump administration’s behavior, including ignoring subpoenas and defying congressional oversight.”

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