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Trump Kept Classified Government Docs Stored Feet Away From Mar-A-Lago Guests: Report



A new report revealed on Friday that Donald Trump used the Mar-a-Lago pool storage room to store the classified government documents he stole.

According to The Washington Times, the storage room was just feet away from Mar-a-Lago guests and had little to no security.

With special counsel Jack Smith taking over the investigation of the stolen documents and attempts by the former president and his attorneys to block the recovery of them, the report offers new details about how easily they could have been accessed with minimal security in place.

In the case of the office, the report states, “The office is accessible through a grand staircase near the ballroom but is not usually open to guests. No permanent barrier has been placed to block the staircase, but a rope has tied off the staircase at certain events, according to social media posts shared in the report.”

More concerning was the lack of security near the swimming pool where the documents were discovered in a storage room.

According to the Times, “Trump officials claimed that guests could not access the storage room, and only certain staffers had clearance. However, people familiar with the property claimed the area is accessible through two sets of arched doors, according to the outlet.”

The report adds, “Guests are allowed in the pool and outdoor patios, including an awning that was located within 60 feet of the doorways, placing thousands of guests that visited the resort at more than 50 political events since Trump left office close to the doorways.”

The report continues by saying, “A criminal investigation into the illegal storing of classified documents is currently underway, with Trump being investigated under 18 U.S.C. 793, part of the Espionage Act, according to a search warrant that was unsealed in August. He is also being investigated for the concealment or removal of government records, and obstruction of a federal investigation.”

You can read the entire report HERE.


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