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Trump Jr. Shares Meme Predicting Murder Of Dr. Fauci



Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. sparked the ire of the internet after issuing threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci by sharing a meme predicting the murder of the infectious disease expert.

Trump Jr. on Friday shared a meme about Fauci to his 4.5 million followers on Instagram via a story. “I’m gonna just jump out ahead on this and say I don’t think Fauci killed himself,” read the meme. Trump Jr’s words were photoshopped onto a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio drinking a cocktail. The post was flagged by Aaron Rupar, who shared a screenshot on Twitter.

Social media users were quick to respond to Jr’s post, accusing the former president’s son of threatening Fauci. Some users tagged federal law enforcement and Instagram, demanding action be taken against Trump Jr.’s post.

“Uh, @FBI seems like Don Jr. is issuing veiled threats,” tweeted Mexican-American physician and biomedical data scientist Jorge A. Caballero.

“Do we even have laws anymore? Seriously. It really feels as though we’ve lurched into ANYTHING-F***ING-GOES-BECAUSE-NO-ONE-IS-GOING-TO-F***ING-STOP-US territory, for real,” tweeted actor and producer Cory Reynolds.

“First Flynn and now this. This is a goddamn death threat,” tweeted user @brook_jaymes.

“@FBI @TheJusticeDept must take things like this seriously. Or are they going to sat they didn’t see it coming like they didn’t see January 6th coming? It’s unbelievable and mind boggling how much these domestic terrorists are getting away with and no accountability at all,” tweeted @BlueTsunami20.

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