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Private Investigators Show Up At Mo Brook’s Home, Serve Him With Lawsuit As He Cries Foul



Mo Brooks

Trump-loving GOP congressman Mo Brooks, of Alabama, was finally served with a lawsuit over his role in the Jan 6 insurrection.

The lawsuit, filed by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), names Brooks among GOP leaders who spoke to the Jan. 6 crowd that led them to a violent attack on the U.S Capitol. Brooks has been in hiding, avoiding being served in the lawsuit, and Swalwell was forced to hire a private investigator to track down Brooks.

The investigators went to his home this weekend and served Brooks through his wife. But he claims the way they served him the court papers was illegal because they “sneaked” into his residency, which is unlikely.

It’s unclear what Brooks considers sneaking into his home and whether his argument will work in court.

What is clear is that he’s been terrified of Swalwell as he’s been in hiding for over a month to avoid being served. Additionally, he reportedly doesn’t want to be subpoenaed.