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Trump, Ivanka And Don Jr. Will Have To Testify Under Oath In Tax Fraud Case



Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

Former President Donald Trump and two of his adult children, Donald Jr., and Ivanka, will have to testify next month under oath in a case involving bank and tax fraud after a judge ruled that the Trumps must answer questions under oath by investigators for Attorney General Letitia James, CBNC reports.

Lawyers for the family and company have repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to block a subpoena for their testimony from James, as well as other demands for information from the company.

James is investigating the Trump Organization over alleged illegal manipulation of the stated valuations of various real estate assets owned by that company.

The attorney general specifically is looking into whether the company gave different valuations for an asset to obtain more favorable conditions on loans and insurance, as well as for tax benefits, court records show, according to CNBC.

Daily Beast political reporter Jose Pagliery also reported the news on Twitter.