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‘Trump Is Ruining This Country’: Ex-Trump Supporter Turns On Him, Fed Up With His Racism



Donald Trump continues to have poor polling numbers across the nation, especially in battleground states like Ohio. A new poll shows Joe Biden leading Trump by four points in the state Trump won by twice that margin in 2016. A survey conducted by Your Voice Ohio found the Democratic candidate leading Trump by 46-42.

One voter who made that possible in 2016 is Jodie Susi, who has decided to express her regret of voting for Trump in 2016, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

“Donald Trump is ruining this country,” said Susi, of New Albany.

Susi claims that she hasn’t liked what she has seen from the Trump presidency, but the past few months is what has fully turned her away from the president.

“He has bungled the COVID-19 response, he has bungled the race relations issues,” she said. “Before all of that, he has been a complete disgrace. The only thing he has gotten right is the economy. The rest of it is a disaster.”

The survey found that Biden’s supporters in Ohio are more enthusiastic for him than Trump’s, and that could pose a problem for his re-election campaign.

“No Republican has ever been elected or reelected in American history without carrying Ohio, so there’s a particular burden on Trump and his allies and supporters to compete effectively in Ohio,” John Green, director emeritus of the Bliss Institute, which conducted the poll. “These numbers forecast a very competitive race in the state.”

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