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Trump Is Pocketing Money Raised For Georgia Runoffs And Republicans Are Fuming



Republicans are reportedly furious after learning that Donal Trump is “pocketing” the money they need for the Georgia Senate runoffs in January.

Trump is spending all his days playing “victim” in order to scam conservative voters out of more money, noted MSNBC host co-host Wille Geist during Tuesday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” which contributor Kasie Hunt said is “pissing off Republicans on the Hill.”

Geist explained that “they’re still making a lot of money off that victimhood that has been at the center of Donald Trump’s story for so many years. He’s now the victim of the media, he’s the victim of Democrats, he’s become the victim of courts, he’s become the victim of state electors doing their job and the victim of the three Supreme Court justices he nominated and got confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

“So the narrative of victimhood has to remain in place for the story to continue and for the money to keep flowing and, as you said, Donald Trump is raising a ton of money,” Geist told co-host Joe Scarborough. “There are the text messages and emails to the supporters to prove it. ‘We need $35 right now to continue to prosecute that case’ and that money goes somewhere else, so he’s hustling his own voters to build up his own pocketbook and the pocketbook of the Republican Party.”

Watch the video below via MSNBC.