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GOP Punishes Virginia Republican For Siding With Biden: ‘I Was Censured By The ‘Kraken’ Because I Thought It Was ‘Calamari’



GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman, of Virginia, was censured by his own party on Saturday for what party officials claim was an act of betrayal for disagreeing with President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

In its censure, the Appomattox County Republican Committee cited a multitude of issues they believe resulted in Riggleman “betraying the very morals, principals, and values of the Republican Party.”

The censure lists Riggleman’s disagreeing with President Trump’s claims of voter fraud and publicly acknowledging President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump, as well as officiating a same-sex wedding.

“Now may it be resolved that the Appomattox County Republican Committee censure Denver Riggleman for his betrayal to voters in the 5th District who elected him into office in the first place, for betraying the very morals, principals, and values of the Republican Party, for his petty, immoral, and ludicrous behavior before and after the 5th Congressional District Republican Convention, and for his open consideration to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden instead of President Donald J. Trump,” the statement read.

Riggleman said in November that he had been called a “traitor” for acknowledging Biden’s victory in the presidential election. He has been critical of other GOP members who have refused to do the same.

Riggleman had raised concerns of his own over potential voter fraud in the Republican primaries he lost, which Good has pointed out.

In a tweet shared on Sunday, Riggleman said, “Glad the @VA_GOP finally admits they rig a convention because of the wedding. We already knew this, but here’s your sign I believe in marriage equality and I despise conspiracy theories. I was also censured by the #Kraken because I thought it was #calamari”