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Trump Floats New Conspiracy Theory To Justify Election Loss



President Donald Trump continued his pointless crusade to tarnish the election results, claiming on Tuesday that voting machines in Michigan had substantial errors, citing a statistic from a report released Monday that has since been disputed by top state election officials.

“Tremendous problems being found with voting machines. They are so far off it is ridiculous. Able to take a landslide victory and reduce it to a tight loss.” Trump tweeted.

Minutes later he wrote: “68% error rate in Michigan Voting Machines. Should be, by law, a tiny percentage of one percent. Did Michigan Secretary of State break the law? Stay tuned!”

Both of the president’s tweets have been marked with a warning label by Twitter, saying, “this claim about election fraud is disputed.”

The error rate was just one of a series of claims included in a 23-page report on voting technology in rural Antrim County, which a circuit court judge on Monday allowed released to the public.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan Elections Director Jonathan Brater condemned the ASOG report, arguing that it “makes a series of unsupported conclusions, ascribes motives of fraud and obfuscation to processes that are easily explained as routine election procedures or error corrections, and suggests without explanation that elements of election software not used in Michigan are somehow responsible for tabulation or reporting errors that are either nonexistent or easily explained.”

Dominion also denied the claims in a press release, writing that the election software company “has been the target of a continuing malicious and widespread disinformation campaign aimed at eroding confidence in the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.”

“There were no software ‘glitches’ that ‘switched’ votes in Antrim County or anywhere else,” the statement added. “The errors identified in Antrim County were isolated human errors not involving Dominion.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has continued to advance his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, despite the Electoral College’s Monday vote officially certifying Biden as the 2020 presidential election winner.