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Trump Files Desperate Plea Seeking to Halt New York Fraud Trial And Prevent Dissolution of His Business



Former President Donald Trump has moved to halt his civil fraud trial in New York.
Former President Donald Trump has moved to halt his civil fraud trial in New York. (Photo: Imgur)

Donald Trump’s legal team has filed a motion requesting a temporary halt to his civil fraud trial in New York, as well as a suspension of the enforcement of a pre-trial ruling that held Trump and his business responsible for fraud. They aim to delay these proceedings until after the case undergoes an appeal.

In an extensive 1,154-page court filing, Trump’s lawyers argued that Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision had imposed unwarranted relief on the New York attorney general’s office, causing significant and irreparable harm to the former president and his business. The filing asserted that the Supreme Court seemed unaware of the chaos resulting from its decision.

Engoron’s pre-trial ruling involved revoking some of Trump’s business licenses and appointing an independent monitor to oversee the Trump Organization. Additionally, he ordered a closer examination of Trump’s assets, prohibiting any transfers or creation of new entities without prior disclosure.

The defense, in its filing, contended that Engoron lacked a rationale or legal authority to dissolve Trump’s businesses and issue additional directives. They deemed the Supreme Court’s relief as unprecedented and indefensible under the law.

Trump’s legal team also argued that the order would inflict severe and irreparable harm on innocent employees who rely on Trump’s businesses for their livelihoods, potentially resulting in the termination of hundreds of New York employees without proper jurisdiction or due process.

Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, informed the court and prosecutors of the defense’s intention to seek a stay of the trial and the summary judgment issued by Engoron. Prosecutors objected, stating that the notice did not comply with the required 24-hour notice period and lacked details about the type of stay the defense was seeking.

The lawsuit, initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleges over a decade of fraud by Trump, the Trump Organization, and two of his adult children. The legal action contends that Trump’s company manipulated the value of its assets to secure lower taxes and better insurance coverage. The trial began with both parties present in the courtroom, and while the defense raised objections tied to Engoron’s earlier order, they indicated that they did not plan to litigate their appeal during the trial itself.