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Trump Declares Georgia Election ‘Unconstitutional And Invalid’



President Donald Trump on Friday escalated his attacks on the election process in Georgia, declaring the presidential election and the Senate runoffs in the state both “illegal and invalid.”

Trump’s baseless declaration came in a Twitter thread Friday night when he attacked the election process in the state, which is controlled by Republicans.

“The Georgia Consent Decree is Unconstitutional & the State 2020 Presidential Election … is therefore both illegal and invalid, and that would include the two current Senatorial Elections,” Trump tweeted.

The “Consent Decree ” is a bipartisan agreement reached by election officials in March that helped establish standards for absentee ballots. Lawsuits challenging the decree on Trump’s behalf have failed in courts.

The results of the Jan. 5 vote will determine which party controls the Senate and Trump’s tweet is not exactly the get-out-the-vote message some Republicans were looking for.

Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue declined to comment about their “invalid” races.