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Trump Convention Shows Video From Spain To Warn People Of ‘Biden’s America’



Republicans have decided that the best way to beat Joe Biden is to distort reality by warning people that the unrest and protests happening across the U.S. on President Donald Trump’s watch is actually from ‘Biden’s America’ and they are using footage of violence (any footage) to scare voters.

On the first night, as one of their videos played, voiceovers forecasted the evil violent unrest that awaits should Joe Biden be elected president. The images that flashed across the screen, however, weren’t of unrest in Biden’s America. In fact, one of them wasn’t even a photo of America at all. It was a photo of fires burning in a street in Spain, noted BuzzFeed News.

The image was filmed in October 2019 in Barcelona when protests broke out in the city after Spanish courts sentenced Catalan separatist activists to prison. One of those same streets can be seen as being in Barcelona by using Google Street View.

Never mind the fact that the unrest that is happening now is the result of police brutality that’s happening in Donald Trump’s America, under his watch as president, as Alisyn Camerota tried to get Marc Short to admit this morning.

Additionally, BuzzFeed News “was able to find identical footage on Shutterstock, a website that’s a common source for stock images and videos. In this case, the Barcelona footage used in the RNC segment is described as “Young rebel riot revolutionary anarchist.” Although that video doesn’t specify the location it was shot in, another angle shot by Getty Images does.”

Source: BuzzFeed News.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.