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Trump Considered Resigning — But Didn’t Trust Pence To Pardon Him: Report



ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders revealed on Wednesday that Donald Trump discussed resigning with his aides, but ultimately decided against it because he didn’t trust Mike Pence to pardon him if he took over.

According to Faulders, “This week, top aides met w/ Trump to discuss options going forward.Among them-what a potential resignation would look like.POTUS asked q’s about it,but ultimately said it was a nonstarter, in part b/c he doesn’t trust Pence to pardon him.”

Trump and Pence had been butting heads after the vice president refused to follow Trump’s orders to overturn the 2020 election results.

The president has also reportedly discussed pardoning himself, but legal advisers have warned him it may not be allowed and would increase his exposure to lawsuits.

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