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Trump Claims ‘Big And Conclusive Win’ In Georgia In Saturday Meltdown Over ‘Dead People’ Ballots



President Donald Trump on Saturday claimed a “big and conclusive win in Georgia” if not for the thousands of ballots cast by “dead people”. He also accused Fulton county officials of destroying [Trump] ballots in what he called a “large scale voter fraud.”

In a pair of tweets, the president complained about the signature verification process in Fulton County and accused officials of counting votes from “dead people.”

“He also Why haven’t they done signature verification in Fulton County, Georgia. Why haven’t they deducted all of the dead people who “voted”, illegals who voted, non Georgia residents who voted, and tens of thousands of others who voted illegally, from the final vote tally?” Trump tweeted.

“Just a small portion of these votes give US a big and conclusive win in Georgia. Have they illegally destroyed ballots in Fulton County? After many weeks, we don’t yet even have a judge to hear this large scale voter fraud case. The only judge seems to be Stacey’s sister!” he added in a second tweet.

Twitter slapped a warning to the president’s tweet, saying: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Trump lawyers have lost more than 50 lawsuits claiming that voter fraud and irregularities led to Biden’s win. Recounts in several states rerouted a few hundred votes but did not change state election outcomes. In some instances, the recount increased the margin of victory for Biden. Trump’s team took their argument all the way to the Supreme Court where it was rejected by the justices.