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Trump Claims That Using Mail Drop Boxes To Vote Could Spread COVID-19



President Donald Trump on Sunday fired off a tweet claiming that using mail drop boxes to vote could spread COVID-19 as well as make it possible for people to vote multiple times. In response, Twitter flagged the president’s post for sharing “false or misleading information intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in an election.”

“So now the Democrats are using Mail Drop Boxes, which are a voter security disaster. Among other things, they make it possible for a person to vote multiple times. Also, who controls them, are they placed in Republican or Democrat areas? They are not Covid sanitized. A big fraud!” Trump tweeted.

The tweet was allowed to remain accessible to the public but will require users to click on the notice in order to view it. Twitter users are also unable to like, reply or retweet it unless it is retweeted with a new comment.

Trump has repeatedly attack voting by mail, arguing that it will lead to voter fraud, contrary to the conclusions of various studies and leading experts.