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Trump Claims States Want To ‘Redo’ Elections, Blasts ‘Scoundrels’ For ‘Toying With David Perdue’ In ‘Rigged Election’



Outgoing President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Wednesday that states want to “redo” their electoral votes and lashed out at “scoundrels” who he says are “only toying with Sen. David Perdue in a “rigged election.”

“The States want to redo their votes,” Trump declared in a tweet. “They found out they voted on a FRAUD. Legislatures never approved. Let them do it. BE STRONG!”

He then turned his attention to the Georgia Senate runoff, calling it a “rigged election.”

These scoundrels are only toying with the @sendavidperdue (a great guy) vote. Just didn’t want to announce quite yet. They’ve got as many ballots as are necessary. Rigged Election!

Perdue is facing Democrat Jon Ossoff, who leads the Republican incumbent by over 16,000 votes with 99 percent of the votes already counted. Ossoff is expected to clinch victory soon as the remaining votes are coming from heavily Democratic counties.


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