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Trump Claims Elderly Protestor ‘Had A Long History’, Blames Him For Cops Pushing Him: ‘He Put Himself There’



For some reason, Donald Trump has been spreading lies and attacks about Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protestor who was pushed down by two Buffalo Police officers and suffered a fractured skull.

Trump first tried to claim that Gugino had staged the entire thing and did not actually get hurt. Now, even after it was reported that Gugino suffered a fracture skull and couldn’t walk, Trump is pushing another false narrative that the 75-year-old man is a “professional agitator” who put himself in harms way.

“I don’t like to see people hurt,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal this week. “But he put himself right into the midst of the soldiers. These police, they meant business. They were walking and he puts himself right there. And you could tell they knew him. They knew him. But he’s had a long history. Too bad he had to get hurt.”

Gugino is still recovering from his injuries.

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