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‘There’s No (Expletive) Virus!’: Woman Goes On Wild Rant Against ‘Liberal’ California Store After Being Asked To Wear A Mask



A video posted online shows a woman in Orange County, California, berating a retail outlet that refused to let her shop unless she wore a face mask, calling the employees “liberal psychos sheep.”

In the video, shot by the woman herself, she can be heard telling employees at the Crossroads Trading clothing store in Costa Mesa that she has a purported “medical condition” that prevents her from putting on a face mask while shopping in their store.

After an employee at the store told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to shop without a mask, the woman warned her that, “I have you on video — for the law.”

At this point, the store manager walked up to the woman and told her that the store required masks “for the safety of our employees.”

“So I can’t be a customer here because of my health condition?” the woman asked incredulously.

“Not at all,” replied the manager. “You can be a customer if you wear a mask.”

The manager, once again, calmly explained that masks are needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the woman informed her that she was “breaking the law” by asking her to wear a mask.

“If you want a mask, we will give you one,” the manager offered.

“The whole f*cking point is to not wear a mask!” the woman fumed and exited the store, at which point she continued her rant.

“Costa Mesa psychos — sheep! — want to make sure that nobody can walk in without wearing a mask even though there’s no f*cking virus even affecting anyone, because they’re all f*cking liberals!” she said.

Watch the video below.

Yup. Another anti-mask “Karen” is now famous.


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