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Watch: Trump Claims Bin Laden Endorsed Joe Biden



On Thursday night, Donald Trump Jr. aired a “very special” episode of his YouTube show, “Triggered”, to celebrate Father’s Day interviewing his dad, President Donald Trump.

After ranting about how NFL star quarterback Drew Brees “will regret” apologizing for his comments about national anthem protests, Don Jr. told his father he had found “documents that were taken in the Osama bin Laden raid” that were recently declassified and showed that he wanted to assassinate President Obama because it would put Joe Biden in charge, and essentially, he’s so grossly incompetent it would lead to the destruction of America.

As Don Jr. was speaking a chyron flashed on the screen reading “Bin Laden for Biden.”

As noted by The Bulwark, “there was no pause to reflect on the horrors of bin Laden’s terrorism or how terrible it is for an American president to be targeted for assassination. And this isn’t actually a Don Jr. discovery—though the idea of a montage sequence where DJTJ is sitting alone in an archive room, surrounded by stacks of paper, diligently deciphering al Qaeda intelligence is definitely meme-worthy. The Washington Post reported all of this back in 2012.”

Don Jr., Staring firmly, unblinkingly, into his father’s eyes said:

“What does it say to you that, basically, the Democrat nominee for president of the United States got the posthumous Osama bin Laden endorsement?”

“It says to me, I didn’t know that. And, it says to me we are immediately going to make a commercial out of that if that’s true,” the president replied.

“It’s true,” Don Jr. replied. He began to stammer on, but his father cut him off. “By the way, say no more, it’s a great commercial,” President Trump said.

“Well then, that’s your Father’s Day present, congratulations,” Don Jr. replied.

And then, the interview cut straight to a Trump campaign-produced “exclusive premiere” for a commercial about—you guessed it—Osama bin Laden’s “endorsement” of Joe Biden.

The smear was delivered; the transaction was complete. Both men were pleased… Like father, like son.