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Trump Calls Fox News ‘Unwatchable’ In Latest Rant, Tells Viewers To Watch ‘Fair & Balanced’ OANN



Donald Trump feels as if Fox News is not praising him enough. Trump seems to be so turned off by Fox News that he’s urging his supporters to tune into One American News Network (OANN), which is even more right-leaning that Fox News.

Trump took to Twitter to complain that Fox News on the weekend is “unwatchable” because they’re “fake news.”

“Fox News is not watchable during weekend afternoons. It is worse than Fake News @CNN,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “I strongly suggest turning your dial to @OANN. They do a really ‘Fair & Balanced’ job!” he added, quoting Fox News’ retired motto.

OANN is a super pro-Trump news outlet that has received very low ratings. In fact, Mother Jones recently described it as filled with “propagandists and conspiracy theorists” with a “willingness to do stories without a factual basis.”

“OAN has been around since 2013, but it didn’t truly find its reason for being until the channel’s lord and master Donald Trump took office in 2016,” Salon’s Melanie McFarland wrote last year. “Since then, OAN has been the main outlet for the Trump congregants who are refusing to buy the fake news the rest of the lamestream media is peddling.”

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