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Trump Attorney Goes On Stunning Rant Over CNN ‘Junk Science’ Poll Showing Trump Losing To Biden



With election day less than three months away, several polls show Donald Trump losing support at a rapid pace. A recent CNN survey found Trump is trailing Democratic challenger Joe Biden by a whopping 14 points. But Trump’s defenders are calling it “junk science,” arguing that the president is actually winning and are suing the news network for publishing the poll.

On Sunday, Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, defended a lawsuit threat against CNN which seeks to suppress the poll showing.

“No pollster in the world would stand behind this as a legitimate poll, according to industry standards,” Ellis told CNN’s Brian Stelter. “So why would CNN? Why?”

“What industry standards?” Stelter asked. “This poll is in line with other network polls. Pretty much every poll shows Trump losing to Biden.”

“That’s not true,” Ellis insisted. “You polled adults, not registered voters, not likely voters, but just adults.”

Stelter explained that the network used a “normal polling procedure.”

“The only reason CNN published this, it’s junk science,” Ellis opined. “You know that. And you know that if you’re poll showed the inverse and showed Joe Biden 14 points behind, you wouldn’t have published this poll.”

Stelter disagreed but Ellis continued.

“Let me finish!” she exclaimed. “Are you just going to interrupt me this whole time? Or can we actually have a reasonable dialog. This is why everyone calls you fake news. Because you finally bring me on to actually talk about things and then, yet, you just interrupt me and won’t let me make my point.”

“Your comment about polls and industry standards was totally false,” Stelter explained. “And it’s important to interrupt when you share fake information.”

“You call yourself a journalist,” Ellis said. “And it’s your job to report the facts and then let the people decide. Your ratings are so bad and so in the tank because America knows that CNN publishes activist agenda against President Trump.”

“CNN is one of the highest-rated channels on cable,” Stelter noted. “If you think the ratings are so low — it’s untrue but it shouldn’t matter — why would you bother coming on?”

“I think it’s important for your viewers — the few that there are — that they get the facts and the truth,” the Trump attorney opined.

“Why is it President Trump cares about ratings at a time like this?” Stelter wondered.

“I’m saying President Trump cares about facts and truth,” Ellis replied. “And as a journalist, you should care about facts and truth. And to stand behind this poll is actually embarrassing for you. Because this poll is so far outside the margins and standards.”

“That’s not true,” Stelter chimed in.

Watch the exchange in the clip below, via CNN:

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