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Trump Asks Judge To Toss Fraud Lawsuit Against Him Because It’s ‘Laden With Conspiracy Theories’



Donald Trump on Wednesday asked a judge in New York to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the president’s niece which alleges that the Trump family conspired to fraudulently swindle her out of her inheritance.

In a motion to dismiss filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, the president’s attorneys said the suit was based on a series of falsehoods and argued that it was too late for Mary Trump to bring a lawsuit over her alleged claim to the estate of Fred Trump, who died in 1999.

“Plaintiff makes outlandish and incredulous accusations in her Complaint, which is laden with conspiracy theories more befitting a Hollywood screenplay than a pleading in a legal action. Plaintiff even uses the thematic structure of a play to contrive a decades-long sinister plot in which she claims her aunt and uncles conspired with reputable lawyers, appraisers and other professionals to defraud her,” the motion stated.

In her September lawsuit, Mary alleged that her uncle Donald, her aunt Maryanne, and the president’s recently deceased brother Robert Trump, engaged in “rampant fraud and misconduct” to give her less of an inheritance than she deserved. The lawsuit began by describing the Trump family’s alleged decades-old scheme to “cheat on their taxes, swindle their business partners, and jack up rents on their low-income tenants.”

The suit broke down the Trump family’s alleged scheme into three parts: the “Grift,” the “Devaluing,” and the “Squeeze Out.”

Trump’s lawyers said Mary Trump is just trying to leverage her family’s name for money.

Read Fred Trump’s will and President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit below: