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George Clooney Slams ‘Yutz’ Ted Cruz For Sucking Up To Trump After He Called His Wife ‘Ugly’



Actor and philanthropist George Clooney mocked Republican senator Ted Cruz for supporting President Donald Trump, despite Trump once “saying his wife was ugly”.

The Texas senator has been a vocal supporter of the outgoing president despite Trump leveling insults at Cruz during the 2016 Republican primary.

During one particularly low moment, Cruz used a number of Melania Trump’s old modelling photographs to criticise his rival in campaign ads. In response, Trump tweeted a side-by-side picture of his wife and Cruz’s wife Heidi, with the latter deliberately unflattering in comparison. “No need to ‘spill the beans’, Trump wrote. “The images are worth a thousand words.”

“Donald, you’re a snivelling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone,” Cruz replied.

Clooney alluded to the incident during an interview with The New York Times, using it as an example of Cruz being a “yutz”. He also referenced Trump’s baseless suggestion that Cruz’s father was involved with John F Kennedy’s assassination.

“I mean, Ted Cruz, think about what a yutz this guy is!” Clooney said. “I don’t care what your political view is: If a guy said that my wife was ugly and my father killed Kennedy, there is no way in the world you could have me come out and say, ‘I’ll defend you.’”

“Every single one of these guys have aspirations for bigger things – Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, all of them. They think people will travel with them because, ‘I’ve stuck with you, Don,’ but the truth is, they won’t. They stay with Donald because Donald, for all of his immense problems as a human being, is a charismatic carnival barker,” Clooney said.