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Trump Asked NASA To Use Experimental Disinfectant Fog On People’s Lungs To Cure COVID-19: Report



Donald Trump’s suggestion of injecting disinfectant in the human body to cure COVID-19 isn’t the only time he pushed the idea.

According to, just one day after pushing the injection idea, Trump asked NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine if an experimental disinfectant fog in development at the Glenn Research Center could be used to sterilize the inside of people’s lungs to treat the virus.

“Cleveland’s NASA Glenn Research Center is collaborating with a Kent-based company called Emergency Products + Research (EP+R) to develop a fogging system that can be used to decontaminate rooms and ambulances for coronavirus,” reported Sabrina Eaton. “Bridenstine displayed the devices for President Donald Trump during a Friday meeting at the White House.”

“After Bridenstine explained how AMBUStat’s device fogs rooms, leaving every surface in the room sterilized, Trump asked whether people could breathe it in,” continued the report. “Bridenstine clarified the cleansing occurs without people in the room.”

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