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Trump Announces A Saturday Rally In Florida As His Voice Gives Out, Claims He ‘Feels So Good’



It took less than a week for Donald Trump to claim that he beat COVID-19. Now, he’s planning to hold a rally on Saturday in Florida, despite not having publicly shared a negative test result yet.

“Watching the news coverage and angry at the state of the race, Mr. Trump has been imploring aides to let him resume campaign rallies as soon as this weekend, which now could be possible. He showed up again in the Oval Office on Thursday despite efforts to get him to remain in the residence until he was more fully recovered,” The New York Times reported Thursday. “Around the White House and inside the Trump campaign, some advisers are worried. Others are looking at the calendar and arguing that there is still a lot of time left while they realize there are few if any opportunities to change the trajectory of the race. That would be especially true without next week’s debate.”

Trump announced on Thursday night during a Fox News interview that he plans on holding a rally this Saturday. As he made his announcement, Trump could barely keep his breath up.

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