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Trump Aides And Advisers Reportedly Preparing For A Trump 2024 Run



While Donald Trump has a tough path to 270, it appears that his team is already preparing to lose.

According to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Trump’s team is already preparing for a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden.

“One other thing to note, this is an indication where things are heading and mentality that’s taking shape inside the Trump campaign, there are aides and advisers starting to talk about potential not only that the president is going to lose the election but that he may mount some sort of resurrection run in 2024,” Acosta reported. “This possibility has been discussed I am told inside the Trump campaign by aides and advisers, some talked about it with the president himself. That obviously is something that’s way off into the future, but it is an indication they’re starting to feel like perhaps they’re running out of time inside the Trump campaign.”

Take a look at Acosta’s remarks below:

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