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Judge Denies Trump Campaign Attempt To Stall Michigan Ballot Count



Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens announced on Thursday that she will be denying a request from the Trump campaign to stop counting ballots in Michigan. Stephens plans to issue an official statement by Friday afternoon.

According to The Detroit News, “Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office had argued Thursday that the Trump request to stop the counting of ballots in Michigan was essentially moot because Michigan’s tabulation is largely finished.”

Not only that, but the Trump campaign has also failed to name a single absentee counting board in its filing preventing access to poll challengers, Assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast said.

Stephens also questioned the evidence the Trump campaign could provide to show poll challengers were disenfranchised. She also questioned an affidavit claiming Detroit poll workers were told to change dates on late absentee ballots.

“What I have at best is a hearsay affidavit, I believe, that addresses a harm that would be significant, but that’s what we got,” Stephens said. “We’ve got an affidavit that is not firsthand knowledge.”

You can read the full report HERE.

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