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Tragedy Strikes After Heated Argument Over Child Custody Turns Deadly



Gun violence

A video has emerged online showing the moment a heated argument between two men over child custody turned deadly in Lubbock, Texas.

The clip shows Chad Read and Kyle Carruth arguing outside a house. Carruth is holding a long-barreled gun. The argument escalates and Carruth fires a shot in the ground towards Read. Read gets more agitated and tries to take the gun. After physical contact with each other, wrestling with the gun, Carruth steps back and fires two shots, killing Read.

Before the shots were fired, the camera moves and video of the shooting is not caught on camera; however, shots are audible. When the video pans back towards Read, he is lying motionless on the porch.

The entire interaction took place outside Carruth’s residence. While Chad was inquiring about the location of his youngest son, Kyle Carruth went inside the residence. At that moment, his ex-wife, Christina Read, began recording the incident.

As Chad was declaring that he was preparing to issue subpoenas to bring everyone into Court and expose the affair between his ex-wife and her new partner, Carruth emerged from the residence brandishing a black rifle. Chad Read was unarmed. The two men bump chests as Carruth holds the rifle and Read dares him to use the weapon.

“Do it,” Read says. “You better f*cking use it, motherf*cker.”

Carruth then fires a shot at the ground near Read’s feet. Read then grabs the barrel of the rifle and pushes Carruth, who is thrown a few steps away.

“Think I’m f*cking scared?” Read says as Carruth spins around and opens fire twice. Read falls to the ground.

Carruth has not been charged yet, but his attorney is claiming he acted in self-defense.

WARNING: Graphic video.