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‘They’re Going To (Expletive) You Up!’: Angry California Woman Launches Racist Rant Against Jogger At local Park



A video posted online shows the moment a woman in Torrance, California is berated by an elderly woman who tells her to “go back to whatever f*cking Asian country you belong in” because she was working out on the stairs at a local park.

The older woman appears to be wearing a mask but took it off to yell at the jogger.

“We don’t play games here anymore,” the older woman says in the video. “Next time you ever talk to me like that you’re going to get your ass kicked by my family. They’re going to f*ck you up!”

The video doesn’t show the previous discussion between the two women before the older woman chases after her and starts yelling.

“What did I do?” the woman with the camera asks.

“They’re going to F*ck you up!” the older woman yells again.

“What did I do?” the younger woman asks again, off-camera.

“Because you are an assh*le! You took the whole stairs to yourself!” the older woman screams.

The younger woman explains that there are other stairs in the park and points to them.

“Why can’t you go somewhere else where you can go to a gym!” the older woman asks, apparently forgetting that due to COVID-19 most gyms are closed. “This is not just for you! Get the f*ck out of this world! Get the f*ck out of this state! Go back to whatever f*cking Asian country you belong in.”