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‘They Are Idiots’: Trump Lampoons His Own Sons, Will Likely Throw Them Under The Bus In NY Case, Biographer Says



Donald Trump's sons
Donald Trump reportedly called his sons, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, "idiots". (Photo:Imgur)

During an interview on MSNBC on Thursday, David Cay Johnston, a biographer of Donald Trump, recounted a particular instance in which Donald Trump had referred to his sons as “idiots,” and Johnston anticipated that in the ongoing New York state financial case against the Trump family, the former president would not hesitate to throw them under the bus to save himself.

during his appearance on MSNBC. In this instance, the self-proclaimed billionaire

Network host Nicolle Wallace referred to the recently released transcript of Trump’s deposition to Attorney General Letitia James. Wallace highlighted a peculiar moment in the deposition where Trump suggested that the possibility of a nuclear war loomed because he wasn’t reelected in 2020.

Trump was queried about his level of involvement with the Trump Organization while he served in the White House. Trump’s response was, “I was very busy. I considered this the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives,” which, according to Wallace, seemed to deflect blame onto others. She remarked, “He’s throwing his sons under the bus. Let’s discuss the family dynamics and the risks faced by the Trump children.”

Johnston said that this behavior was not surprising, reminding viewers of Trump’s initial promise to place his business interests in a “blind trust,” which never materialized.

“He asserted he could run his company and be president without conflicts of interest, which is absurd. What he’s doing is consistent with his usual approach—shifting responsibility onto others. Donald won’t hesitate to shift the blame onto his sons, whom he has privately criticized for their judgment. Although he doesn’t express these sentiments publicly, he has conveyed his low regard for the judgment of his two elder sons. I’m referring to the adult sons here.”

Wallace then turned her attention to another guest, Donny Deutsch, a former friend of Trump’s, and pointed out the contrasting treatment of Ivanka Trump. She mentioned that Trump had made “highly inappropriate sexualized comments about his adult daughter’s physical appearance.” Clearly, his sons received different treatment.

Deutsch commented, “This offers a glimpse into Donald Trump’s character. Any parent, like us, would willingly sacrifice themselves for their children, but Donald is quite the opposite. Anyone who knows Donald would attest to this. He would not hesitate to distance himself from his children. The question remains regarding Ivanka—does she exist in a separate sphere? As you mentioned, she occupies an entirely different and peculiar space. However, it’s evident that this is an individual who would not prioritize his children above himself.”

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