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The Trump Organization Finds a Peculiar Way to Avoid Lying in Financial Statements



Donald Trump's deception
Former president Donald Trump. (Photo: Archive)

In the ongoing civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump, a pivotal revelation emerged as the Trump Organization admitted to no longer preparing comprehensive financial statements. Mark Hawthorn, the COO of the organization’s hotel arm, claimed these statements are not required by current lenders or any constituency.

This significant shift in financial reporting practices comes amid a $250 million lawsuit led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The suit alleges that the Trump Organization manipulated financial statements from 2014-2021, misleading lenders, and seeking tax advantages.

The absence of comprehensive financial statements raises concerns about transparency and accountability. While the defense argues that other documents have faced no objections, the focus of the lawsuit remains on Trump’s statements of financial condition.

Former executive Jeffrey McConney testified in defense of the company’s valuation methods, but this emotional testimony does not address the core issue—the lack of comprehensive financial statements.

It’s a paradoxical scenario — the Trump Organization, facing allegations of financial deceit, now refrains from preparing comprehensive financial statements.

This peculiar situation suggests that, for the Trump Organization, the absence of financial statements is the only way to avoid accusations of dishonesty. Just as a criminal can only avoid bank robbery by avoiding banks altogether, it appears that the Trump Organization might believe the only way to avoid financial misrepresentation is by not preparing the statements in the first place.