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‘He thinks He Is Running Against Obama’: Joe Scarborough Lampoons Trump’s Fixation With Obamacare



Joe Scarborough
Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

Donald Trump is revisiting the notion of scrapping Obamacare, eliciting a derisive response from Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, who pointed out Trump’s consistent tendency to align himself with the wrong side of issues.

President Biden’s campaign is gearing up to spotlight the former president’s threats to health insurance coverage through television ads. Scarborough highlighted Trump’s enduring animosity toward Barack Obama as a factor causing him trouble once again.

During the segment, Scarborough underscored the intellectual void within the Republican Party, noting that despite a decade of discussions about repealing and replacing Obamacare, they have yet to propose a viable alternative. In contrast, he recalled the robust policy debate during the 1990s Clinton era, where Republicans had multiple plans, Democrats presented alternatives, and a genuine exchange of ideas took place.

“For a decade, they talked about repealing and replace. They’ve never once — think about this. If you want to talk about a party that is intellectually bankrupt, they’ve never had an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, never had an alternative, never one put out there that the party got behind,” Scarborough said. “That’s just the opposite when, in the 1990s, there was a debate about the Clintons and health care. Hillary Clinton was a champion of universal health care, Republicans came out and had about five, six different plans that they were debating, Democrats had their own alternatives – there was actually a real debate.”

Drawing an analogy, Scarborough compared Trump to a past-his-prime boxer stuck in a time warp, fixated on running against Barack Obama and seemingly confused about the current year. He suggested that Trump’s aides should bring him back to reality, emphasizing that it’s now 2023, almost 2024. Scarborough underscored the popularity of the Affordable Care Act, citing recent polls showing approximately 55 to 56 percent support among Americans and low 40s opposition. In conclusion, he criticized Trump for consistently choosing the wrong side on various issues, using his metaphorical “wayback machine.”

“You know, one of the bigger problems right now for Donald Trump is, again, you know, you’ve got to — it’s like a boxer past his prime,” the Morning Joe host added. “He thinks he is running against Barack Obama. He thinks that we may enter World War II soon. I can’t figure out whether he is in 2011 or 1941, the summer of ’41, but he’s now talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act again. I think, yeah, his aides need to explain to him, we’re in 2023, about to get into 2024. The Kaiser Foundation took the most recent poll I’ve seen, showing something like 55 percent, 56 percent of Americans support the Affordable Care Act. Those who oppose it are in the low 40s. This has become an extremely popular law on the books and, once again, Donald Trump going back in time with his wayback machine, picking the wrong side on yet another issue.”