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The DOJ Has Grown Impatient And Trump Is Now In Real Danger: Legal Expert



Former Department of Justice prosecutor Elie Hoenig appeared on CNN Friday where she suggested that there is strong evidence that a federal judge will hold Donald Trump and his lawyers in contempt of court for obstructing one of many DOJ investigations.

Speaking with host Erica Hill, Hoenig asserted that it doesn’t look good for Trump and his legal team because the DOJ is at the end of its patience with the entire lot of them.

“So the Justice Department, in order to make a move like this to ask for contempt, this shows me that the Justice Department has completely lost trust and lost patience frankly with Donald Trump’s team,” Hoenig began. “Now, the DOJ will have to convince a judge that Donald Trump’s team has neglected this subpoena, has defied this subpoena.”

“What they will have to show is that there was some intentionality, some knowledge by Donald Trump’s team that they knew they weren’t handing over all the documents, they were intentionally withholding some documents,” he elaborated.

“If they can make that showing then the judge has the power to say, ‘Okay, I hold Donald Trump’s legal team in contempt’ and the penalties are primarily going to be financial,” he added

You can see her statements below: