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Former Texas Police Captain Indicted After Being Caught In Vast Conspiracy To Steal Election For Trump



Mark Aguirre

Former Houston Police captain Mark Aguirre, 63, has been indicted for conspiring with a far-right evangelical group that paid him more than $200,000 for help in stealing the election for Donald Trump and making war plans for Election Day 2020 months ahead of time, The Daily Beast reported, citing court documents.

“The fringe group, the Liberty Center for God and Country (LCGC), led a lucrative fundraising blitz in the run-up to the election and quietly networked with now-notorious election denialists. Their work came to light in October of that year when Aguirre allegedly rammed his SUV into a man’s truck, forced the man onto the ground at gunpoint, and accused him of transporting 750,000 fraudulent ballots. He then knelt on the man’s back before an actual police officer was able to intervene.” The day after the incident, the LCGC sent $211,400 to Aguirre’s bank account, according to The Daily Beast.

No ballots were found. The driver of the truck was “an innocent air conditioner technician” named David Lopez-Zuniga.

Aguirre was indicted this week for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

But Aguirre is not the only one in hot waters. The criminal charges outed the LCGC, which had quietly moved hundreds of thousands of dollars in the name of preventing voter fraud in the months before the election, launching a website and fundraisers in the months before Nov. 3.

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