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Trump Election Lawyer Blames ‘Deep State’ For His Children Not Talking To Him



Lin Wood

Q-Anon-aligned lawyer Lin Wood, who represented Donald Trump in his quest to remain in power by spreading the ‘Big Lie’ about the 2020 election results, is blaming the “deep state” because his children stopped talking to him.

Indeed. Wood doesn’t think that his children’s decision to cut ties with him has anything to do with his behavior. Instead, he’s blaming the government, according to a message to his supporters.

“Wait. Is it possible that scum bag operatives in the Deep State might be threatening, even blackmailing the father’s children? Then using the forced alienation from his children to attack the father? The Deep State will stop at nothing to destroy its enemy,” Wood wrote.

He added: ” I’m an enemy of the state. I have been for 25 years.” He then boasted about trying to “FIX” the 2020 election for Trump, ending “sex trafficking” and exposing the deep state.

Read his full statement below.

Linn Wood