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Elon Freaks Out, Threatens to Sue Meta After Rival App ‘Threads’ Gains Traction

In a clear indication of Twitter's apprehension towards Meta, the company is now threatening to sue Meta after the successful…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Meta’s Twitter Competitor, Threads, Gains Immediate Momentum With 23 Million Sign-Ups, And Counting

Instagram's Threads has had a strong start, with over 23 million sign-ups since its launch. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of…

Staff Writer 1 Min Read

Meta Launches ‘Game-Changing’ Twitter-Like App, Posing a Major Threat to Elon Musk’s Struggling Platform

Meta is reportedly gearing up to release Threads, an app that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, presenting a significant…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Trump Rages At Facebook After Company Announces It Will Reinstate His Account

Meta on Wednesday triggered the ire of Donald Trump after the company announced that it will reinstate the former president’s…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read
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