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‘Suspect Can’t Be The Investigator’: ACLU Demands Special Counsel Probe Into Barr Over Police Attack On BLM Protestors



As the ACLU points out, “the suspect can’t be the investigator.” The ACLU is now demanding a special counsel be appointed to investigate Attorney General William Barr’s order to send law enforcement to teargas and attack demonstrators so Donald Trump could take a photo.

“The suspect can’t be the investigator,” the ACLU the tweeted. “We need a full investigation independent of Barr.”

According to reports, the ACLU sent a letter this week urging Barr and other Department of Justice officials involved in the incident to recuse themselves from any investigations regarding that event.

“On that day, at approximately 6:25 pm, federal and other government forces attacked peaceful protesters and journalists covering the event without warning and unprovoked, used tear gas, flash bang grenades, and rubber bullets to drive the crowd out of the public park they lawfully occupied,” the letter reads.

“These actions were an unconstitutional violation of protesters’ right to speak, assemble, and petition the government under the First Amendment and to remain free of unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment,” the letter continues. “You must take all necessary steps to ensure that you and others involved in the ordering and carrying out of the use of force have no role in the appointment or supervision of the special counsel.”

Kate Ruane, ACLU senior legislative counsel, said in a statement Tuesday that “Barr and other administration officials appear to have criminally conspired to violently attack lawful demonstrators and all signs indicate they have since been engaged in a concerted cover up effort.”

“History books will certainly remember Bill Barr for the crimes of the Trump administration, but a full, independent investigation now is necessary to hold him and any other officials who may be responsible for this chilling incident accountable today,” said Ruane.

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