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Stephen Miller Loses It On Fox News Over Biden’s Reversal Of Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policies



Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, former White House adviser Stephen Miller slammed President Joe Biden’s push for comprehensive immigration reform, calling it “madness” because it “reverses” former president Donal Trump’s cruel immigration policies.

“The legislation put forward by Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood,” Miller told Fox host Maria Bartiromo, adding that he was upset by the idea that immigrants could legally regain entry after being deported by a former administration.

“This is madness!” he said, raising his voice. “This administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the northern triangle countries, restoring catch and release and additionally gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo, preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters!”

His shouting became more intense as he declared: “This is a policy choice disguised falsely to the court and to the country as a resource issue! That is a lie and it’s a lie that threatens public safety.”

“Wow,” Bartiromo replied.

Miller also argued that granting citizenship to immigrants would “erase the essence” of the United States and contended that the U.S. has enough resources for enforcement but not enough to treat immigrants humanely.

“So ask yourself, who is going to pay for the education?” he said. “What does it mean when classrooms, God willing, reopen? What does it mean for classroom size? What does it mean for health care? Then you add on top of that the families that are being released. Who is paying for the medical bills? Who’s paying for the health care costs?”

“That’s coming out of your pocket book!” Miller said. “And it’s a public safety issue!”

“If you give low-skilled, illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, that will mean a net fiscal transfer of trillions of dollars longterm to pay for social security, to pay for medical care, to pay for Medicaid,” he added. “It’s an extraordinary expense to give that to 20 million illegal immigrants.”

Watch the interview below, via Fox News.

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