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Sonic Employee Arrested After Customer Gets a Mouthful of Cocaine in Hot Dog She Ordered



Sonic restaurant cocaine

A shocking incident unfolded at a Sonic Drive-in in New Mexico last week as a 54-year-old cook was arrested after a customer unexpectedly encountered a mouthful of cocaine in her ordered hot dog.

The cook, Jeffery David Salazar, was taken into custody on Thursday and now faces a felony possession charge for a controlled substance, according to authorities.

The City of Española Police Department released a statement explaining that the female customer had ordered a “Coney” hot dog, which is topped with chili and melted cheese, from a Sonic restaurant located in the 800 block of South Riverside Drive, about 100 miles northeast of Albuquerque. After biting into the hot dog, the customer discovered a bag of “illegal narcotics” and promptly contacted the authorities.

The discovery of drugs in the food raised concerns among customers. One individual interviewed by KOB expressed their unease, stating, “I think that’s pretty scary. We come here to get food for our families, and if a child found that, it could have been pretty bad or deadly.”

Further details regarding Salazar’s arrest were obtained from court documents acquired by KOAT-TV, an Albuquerque ABC affiliate. The documents revealed that first responders arrived at the scene and located the adult female customer who claimed to have discovered illegal narcotics in her hot dog. She informed the officers that upon taking a bite, she tasted an unfamiliar object in the food. Upon spitting it out, she observed that it was a small plastic bag containing a white powdery substance.

It remains unclear whether the customer ingested any of the substance.


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