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SNL School Board Meeting Ridicules ‘Crazy’ Right-Wing Parents



QAnon parent

Saturday Night Live delivered a hilariously brutal sketch illustrating the difficulties of running a simple school board meeting which, as of late, have turned into magnets for ranting and potential violence from conservative parents.

The comedy show delved into the latest hotbed of conspiracy rumors we’ve seen in a plethora of viral videos on social media with parents storming the once-placid meetings to complain about mask mandates and critical race theory (CRT) as a springboard, the sketch saw bellowing cast-member Cecily Strong began by telling the startled board members, “I am concerned and I am also crazy– let’s begin,” before rambling about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and concluding, “This is all about Israel.”

Asked, “Okay, ma’am, do you have a question about the district’s Covid policies or your child’s safety?” Strong shot back, “I don’t have a child, and I don’t live in this town.”

Another mom (cast member Heidi Gardner) stepped up to state, “I am so mad I am literally shaking right now. Forget Covid, the real threat is critical race theory. My question is: What is it? And why am I mad about it?”

Watch the video below: