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‘Shooting Will Continue’: Fox News Guest Sparks Backlash For Justifying Killing Of LGBTQ People



Jaimee Michell

A Fox News guest is under fire for saying on Tucker Carlon’s show that the shooting of LGBTQ people “will continue” until “the evil” transgender agenda is eliminated.

In a viral video of the interview, Jaimee Michell claimed that more attacks like the Colorado Springs shooting would occur unless doctors ceased performing voluntary gender-affirming care for any American.

Michell’s remark came as some conservatives loudly protested being linked to the same rhetoric that is now blamed for inspiring the attack.

Michell is the founder of the anti-trans group “Gays against groomers”, a right-wing group that purports to be made up of gay and lesbian Americans while at the same time using rhetoric that is now blamed for inspiring the attack, like the pedophilia-invoking “groomer” slur that has been leveled on everyone from transgender Americans to gay men and even straight men and women who support the LGBT community.

“You know, saying that ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole, and it’s putting a really large target on our backs,” Michell told Carlson. “And unfortunately, you know, the tragedy that happened in Colorado Springs the other night, it was expected and predictable.”

“Sadly I don’t think it’s going to stop until we end this evil agenda that is attacking children,” she continued.

Twitter users reacted in disgust.

“If I say what needs to be said I’m gonna be banned,” one commenter noted with disgust.

Another wrote: “Lovely family values conservative, isn’t she?”

“Sounds like terrorism to me,” another user wrote.

Watch the interview below:


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