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‘She Was Deeply Involved With Jan 6 Violence’: Roger Stone Rats Out Katrina Pierson As He Complaints About Subpoena



Roger Stone Rats Out Katrina Pierson

Roger Stone, a Self-professed ‘dirty trickster’ and ally of former President Donald Trump, revealed that former Trump aide Katrina Pierson was “deeply involved” with the violence of the January 6 attack targeting the U.S. Capitol, according to Newsweek.

The bombshell revelation about Pierson’s involvement in the deadly riot came as Stone complained about being subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection.

“Given what I know, I am perplexed as to why the January 6 committee has not issued a subpoena to Katrina Pierson, in other words, someone deeply involved in the violent and unlawful acts of January 6, rather than me, given that I was not there and have no advance knowledge or involvement whatsoever in the events at the Capitol That day #Jan6Cmte,” Stone wrote in a message to his Telegram channel subscribers, seemely to be unaware that Pierson —like himself— has been subpoenaed by the House Jan 6 panel, Newsweek noted.

Pierson, a Republican political consultant, served as a national spokesperson for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and shared the stage with the then-president during the January 6 rally just ahead of the Capitol attack.

Citing FEC records, the Associated Press reported that the Trump campaign paid Pierson $10,000 every two weeks for her work from September 2019 to December 2020.

Newsweek also reported that Trump’s former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman suggested that the January 6 committee was “on the right track” by probing Pierson’s involvement.

“Not only was Katrina one of the organizers, but she was behind the money, you know, and every scandal, it’s ‘always follow the money,'” Manigault-Newman told MSNBC in early October, according to Newsweek. “And because she was so involved with raising money and organizing the events, I believe the committee is right in subpoenaing her. She’s going to have a lot of information, and she had a lot of insight on what they knew and when, and I truly believe because of Donald Trump’s violent instincts that he knew that things would probably get out of hand,” she said.

“So yes, Katrina should be very concerned, and we’ll see what happens, but the committee is on the right track,” Manigault added.

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