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SELLING FEAR: MSNBC Panel Calls Out Fox News Hateful Rhetoric Against LGBT After Colorado Shooting



MSNBC panel slams Fox News

NBC News reporter Ben Collins slammed Fox News hosts for their hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ community, noting that the conservative network has descended right back to stoking hatred and fear barely a day after a gunman massacred five people at a Colorado Springs gay bar.

During an MSNBC panel discussion on the massacre, Collins drew parallels between that rhetoric and the early days of the Nazi regime, noting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and other mainstream conservative media figures spread the same rhetoric to their audience of millions.

“I think we have to have a come-to-Jesus moment here as reporters,” Collins said. “Are we more afraid of being on Breitbart for saying that trans people deserve to be alive or are we more afraid of the dead people? I’m more afraid of the dead people. I don’t want to wake up on a Sunday and see all of these headlines came to fruition.”

GOP officials at all levels have stoked fear of trans people for political gain, and Collins said journalists haven’t done enough to make that clear.

“Because of the attention economy that we live in, they get more clicks for it,” he said. “They end up on Tucker Carlson. Last night, by the way, Tucker Carlson attacked my colleague Brandy Zadrozny, my co-byline on almost all of these stories — not me, but Brandy, of course, he attacked Brandy, and he went right back into this idea that some ‘they’ is trying to groom your kids, trying to sexualize your children, right. Who’s the ‘they,’ first of all, and second of all, all of her reporting was right. All of it was right.”

Collins said that hate speech against gay people helped whip up hysteria that allowed Nazi fascism to flourish in Germany, and warned the same thing was happening in the U.S.

“[A rhetoric professor] was telling me about this thing called ‘hate objects,’ where they take people they describe as degenerates, right,” Collins said. “Before Nazi Germany, there was gay people, people who played with gender conformity, and they say they are contributing to the downfall of society. They are the reason that, you know, things cost more, that the crops aren’t coming up, right? We have been through this in the past. It’s very dark, and the people playing around with this don’t take responsibility. They go right back into it.”

He added: “Also, algorithmically it’s easier to sell fear — the hate gets clicks. The hate gets people tuning back in. It gets the hate objects, you create new hate objects.”

Watch the video below from MSNBC.


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